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kid's artwork of a school and stick people
elementary classroom with kids in front of a mini racetrack
back view of the elementary kids running in the fun run
a sign that says %22heros work here%22 in front of the elementary building
elementary kids in the gym sitting for an assembly
group of elementary teachers dressed in goofy costumes
elementary staff in front of their building with a sign that says %22thank you MJ%22
classroom of elementary kids on laptops
elementary kids sitting on the gym floor for an assembly
little kids in the gym during PE

Welcome to Maxine Johnson Elementary

The staff at Maxine Johnson Elementary School wants your child to be happy and successful at school and in life. 
At Maxine Johnson Elementary School, we believe in a fair and consistent code of discipline that encourages students to be responsible for themselves. We hope to create an environment in which courtesy and kindness prevail, and where there is respect for differences in people, customs, and cultures. 
With support for one another, good communication, and some hard work I know the students at Maxine Johnson Elementary School will achieve great things.

Special Interests