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Principal's Message

Staff photo of Diane Hardin

July 31, 2023

Dear Parents,

Welcome back to a new year at Maxine Johnson Elementary School. I am looking forward to another productive year of learning and maximizing students’ potential. With support for one another, good communication, and some hard work, I know the students at Maxine Johnson Elementary School will achieve great things.

The staff at Maxine Johnson Elementary School wants your child to be happy and successful at school and in life. We believe that you, as family, play a very important role in that success. We have seen children whose families show interest in school activities and communicate the importance of education have more success in school. Start now, if you have not already, talking to your children about graduating from high school and even thinking about what college or training they might like to have after they graduate.

At Maxine Johnson Elementary School, we believe in a fair and consistent code of discipline that encourages students to be responsible for themselves. We hope to create an environment in which courtesy and kindness prevail, and where there is respect for differences in people, customs, and cultures. If we can all live by our PRIDE values, it will serve us well.

I encourage you to contact your child’s teacher if an issue comes up related to school. Teachers work hard to provide the best possible learning environment for our students and they are the most knowledgeable about first-hand information regarding your child. If issues arise, we will work together positively to find solutions. If students have difficulty making positive choices at school, we may ask you to work with us in order to help your child gain the necessary skills to make appropriate choices.

Please share with the teacher any information regarding special strengths or needs your child may have. Communication between parents, students, and teachers is critical in helping children experience the greatest success in school.

The teachers at Maxine Johnson Elementary School believe that reading is very important, essential in fact. At MJE students spend a great deal of time learning to read, so that when students leave our building they have the skills in place to read in order to learn. Practicing reading at home and at school helps students become better readers. Reading with your children is also a great way to bond, build curiosity, use imagination, and develop a strong vocabulary. School staff members ask that parents assist at home by reading to their children, listening to their children read aloud, providing encouragement and helping their students to achieve success in reading as well as in all areas of their schooling.

If you have questions, or wish for more information regarding our philosophy of instruction, responsibility expectations, or discipline, please feel free to contact your child's teacher or the school administrative staff. We look forward to working with you and your child.


Mrs. Diane Hardin